Charter your own cargo plane

Flight Management can help you to charter everything from small aircrafts that quickly can carry spare parts at short notice, to huge cargo aircrafts that can lift large volumes and weights. Examples of shipping materials are generators, trains, construction materials, sailboats, etc. We have for example flown computers to a computer trade show, automotive paint to a car manufacturer, computer tapes to the Central Bank, and lots of other products to people who need them Now!

Brewery event saved by a fast cargo operation

Right before start at the grand opening of a brewery sponsored ski bar in the Swedish mountains it turns out that the beer was cloudy. To resolve this as quickly as possible Flight Management arranged a transport of 30 barrels of new beer in a turboprop to Kiruna. A helicopter then transported the barrells the last distance and landed just outside the hotel. The guests could enjoy the ice cold beer and the evening was a success!


On this photo we arrange a cargo charter to transport a Swedish satellite to southern Russia towards the border of Kazakhstan. The shipment went according to plan after much preparation regarding carriage of dangerous goods and customs documentation.